APAH Staff

Carmen Romero
President and Chief Executive Officer
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Real Estate Development Team

Mike Chiappa
Vice President of Real Estate Development
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Mitch Crispell
Senior Project Manager
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Jordi Fabian
Project Manager

Becca Garman
Associate Project Manager

Brian Goggin
Associate Project Manager

Jason Harris
Real Estate Analyst

Ryan Nash
Real Estate Project Manager
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Charles Sims
Senior Project Manager
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Amanda Stephenson
Real Estate Admin Assistant

Community Engagement and Resident Services Teams

Marquan Jackson
Director of Resident Services
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Cheryl Ramp
Director of Community Relations
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Josue Amaya
Resident Services Coordinator

Erin Brown
Resident Services Coordinator

Venus Burgess
Resident Services Manager

Cecilia Gonzalez
Resident Services Coordinator

Roxana Hernandez
Resident Services Manager

Ana Hidalgo
Resident Services Coordinator

Jacquelyn Keys
Volunteer Coordinator

Tomas Kurtz
Community Relations Associate 

Lindsey McClenathan, MPA
Associate Director of Community Relations

Elise Panko
Community Relations Manager

Jessica Stuart
Resident Services Manager

Brandon Young
Resident Services Manager

Finance and Administration Team

Kelly Eichhorn
Chief Operating Officer
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Kyle McCandless
Director of Finance
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Kim Painter
Director of Talent and Collaboration
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Ash Bhatia
Senior Asset Manager

Endya Brandon

Annette Hennessey
Executive Assistant

Elizabeth Johnson
Office Manager

Andre Lewis
Asset Manager

Abbey Myers
Data Analytics Manager

Catherine Peng

TyReisha Pugh
Administrative Specialist

Krista Stewart
Senior Accountant