Asset Management

Our asset management team works to ensure that all APAH’s properties are safe and well-maintained inside and out. Overseeing the financial and physical health of APAH’s buildings is a collaborative effort between APAH’s asset management staff and SL Nusbaum Realty Co, our property management company. We want residents to feel proud to live in an APAH apartment building and for our communities to consider APAH a good neighbor and a great addition to the neighborhood.

APAH’s Role in Asset Management

The team works with APAH’s finance and accounting teams to make sure all elements of budgeting and financial responsibility are included in each property’s annual budget, including property insurance, real estate and personal property taxes, business license fees, and other expenses. APAH provides all assumptions to Nusbaum, which prepares budgets for APAH to review. In turn, APAH shares budgets with its investors and manages those relationships. The asset management team also collaborates with resident services staff to conduct surveys on resident satisfaction and connect residents with rent relief.

APAH staff roles in asset management include:

  • Monitoring financial health of properties
  • Conducting period site visits to inspect properties and make repairs and upgrades
  • Meeting regularly with SL Nusbaum property managers
  • Reviewing annual operating budgets prepared by property managers
  • Providing financial updates to and leading site visits for investors
  • Responding to residents who escalate maintenance issues
  • Collaborating with resident services
  • Conducting periodic surveys of residents
  • Connecting residents with resources for rent relief as needed
  • Providing input on sustainable features to development team

SL Nusbaum Realty Co.’s Role in Asset Management 

A family-owned business created in 1906, SL Nusbaum manages properties throughout the mid-Atlantic and develops, builds, and manages some of its own properties. While Nusbaum manages a variety of properties, affordable housing represents a large portion of its portfolio.

Nusbaum’s roles in asset management at APAH include:

  • Operating customer service phone and email hotline
  • Leasing apartments
  • Administering the waitlist
  • Collecting rent
  • Connecting residents with APAH resident services as needed
  • Responding to maintenance requests
  • Meeting regularly with APAH staff
  • Maintaining building common areas and grounds

APAH’s asset management team includes