Be the key.

Over 200,000 families in the Washington region do not have access to affordable housing1, including 7,500 low-income individuals and families in Arlington. Help welcome them home.

*For the foreseeable future, COVID-19 will have financial and economic consequences for our community.  Low-income households are  disproportionately affected by healthcare costs, price gouging, and lost hourly income. In 2018, APAH created a resident emergency fund to assist residents when a financial emergency has jeopardized their stability and threatened their homes. If you’re looking for a way to directly support our residents during the COVID-19 pandemic, you can make a gift to APAH’s resident emergency fund (use the dropdown designation field) to help keep families in their homes.  We expect in the coming weeks to have a greater need for emergency funds and your support is greatly appreciated. Of course, your unrestricted gifts below remain welcome for business continuity should your preference be such.

You can make a difference all year long when you make a monthly gift.

1. 2019, Urban Institute