Who We Serve

APAH has helped more than 1,200 families, individuals, young professionals, senior citizens and persons with disabilities find safe, affordable housing throughout Arlington at one of our 15 properties. Most residents work in and around Arlington County; some are on fixed incomes. All residents are responsible for paying monthly rent. Household income for an APAH resident is typically between $8,700–$57,500.

Our residents

Sarah Morales

Despite working in higher education for 10 years, Sarah Morales’ salary was not high enough to afford an apartment big enough to comfortably house her family.

Pat McGrady

Pat McGrady wanted to sell her home and move into a rental. At that point she made a surprising discovery – she couldn’t afford to rent in Arlington.

David Clark

David Clark lost his full-time job as a cook due to ill health

Carolina Espino

Carolina immigrated to the United States from Honduras in 2005.  She came to join her now-husband, who had immigrated four years earlier.