Live /liv/


1. remain alive.
2. make one’s home in a particular place or with a particular person.

When residents move into an apartment at one of APAH’s properties, the key that they are handed comes with more than just four walls and a roof. That key symbolizes the beginning of a new era in their life.

APAH resident services programming helps those who live at our properties grow their skills, knowledge, and capacity so their futures can be stable.

Resident Services

APAH provides eviction prevention assistance and programs that promote stability.


When families have a home they can afford, they can afford other basic needs.

Interest stories and recent news

APAH Hosts Second Annual Job Fair

APAH hosted its second annual Job Fair on Tuesday August 6th at The Springs. The job fair was open to APAH residents and to the community at-large. Employers from Arlington, DC, and the surrounding area were invited to participate.  Employers were also given space to conduct interviews. About 100 job seekers attended the fair, about […]

A Partnership with Edu-Futuro Prepares Students for College

This summer, APAH hosted a session of Edu-Futuro’s Emerging Leaders Program I at Arlington Mill Residences.  This program works with high school students on a variety of skills such as public speaking and writing with a focus on preparing them for college and ultimately careers.  APAH’s resident services staff was excited to bring this program […]

Like Father, Like Daughter: A family celebrates two graduations this summer

Summertime is a momentous occasion for graduates of all ages, but families aren’t usually experiencing multi-generational graduations. Rozina’s family recently celebrated the dual graduation of Rozina and her father, Asheber, at a party surrounded by family and friends. Rozina N. graduated from Washington-Lee High School in dark blue robes and a mortarboard sporting gold and […]

Residents Graduate ‘Money Smarts Pays’ Class

A long-time partnership with Virginia Cooperative Extension (VCE) provides residents at APAH the opportunity to grow their financial stability. VCE teaches an intensive Money Smarts Pays program to adults across APAH’s portfolio. This is a 6-week course teaches tricks and tips for budgeting, saving, and making smart consumer purchases. Along with these tools, they take […]

APAH and AFAC are a Perfect “Pear”

Weekly, at The Springs, Marbella, and Columbia Hills, APAH residents can stock their pantries and refrigerators with groceries to help get through the week. In his role as Director of Community Impact and the lead of APAH’s resident services program, it is common to see José Quinonez attending these weekly food distributions through our partner, Arlington Food […]

Expanding Resident Services: Homework Club

APAH’s Resident Services Coordinators offer a variety of programs to serve residents of all ages. Students are the focus of the newest pilot program, Homework Club, which provides a quiet, supportive environment to complete homework. The pilot is taking place at APAH’s newest property, Columbia Hills, and is open to students living at APAH’s Columbia […]

Meet Ruby, Arlington Resident and Art Lover

Ruby recently moved in to APAH’s newest community, Columbia Hills. She has lived in and around Arlington since 1984, but this is the first time she has had – and can afford – her own place. Ruby has spent most of her adult life “taking care of the babies” as she happily puts it, working […]

Creating an Opportunity for Digital Inclusion

On February 4, APAH, Arlington County and Arlington Public Schools celebrated the success of the award-winning digital inclusion initiative at Arlington Mill Residences. The ‘digital divide’ is a phrase often used to describe the gap between those who have ready, affordable access to computers, the internet, and the associated skills and those who don’t. Access […]

A Veteran and Volunteer: Mark’s Story

Mark B.’s commitment to serving others hasn’t switched off since he left the Air Force in 1986. Although he is no longer “Active Duty” by military standards, the description is still fitting for a man who is active in his community and dutiful in helping others. This year, Mark is volunteering at the Veteran’s Resource […]

A Proud Father: Tigabu’s Story

Tigabu A. has an unwavering smile. He grew up in Ethiopia until he was a lucky recipient of the second annual Diversity Immigrant Visa Program (often referred to as the green card lottery) in 1996. His first destination was California, where he had some relatives waiting for him. But it didn’t feel like home to […]