Live /liv/


1. remain alive.
2. make one’s home in a particular place or with a particular person.

When residents move into an apartment at one of APAH’s properties, the key that they are handed comes with more than just four walls and a roof. That key symbolizes the beginning of a new era in their life.

APAH resident services programming helps those who live at our properties grow their skills, knowledge, and capacity so their futures can be stable.

Resident Services

APAH provides eviction prevention assistance and programs that promote stability.


When families have a home they can afford, they can afford other basic needs.

Interest stories and recent news

APAH Families Still Struggle with Food Security

Across the country, nearly one in four households experienced food insecurity at some point this year. Arlington County is not exempt from this challenge.  An alarming number of APAH households have been so affected by job or income loss due to COVID-19 that they do not have the money to buy adequate food for their […]

Rent Relief: A Continued Effort for the APAH Resident Services Team

About 700 APAH households have been in arrears on their rent or other fees at least one month during the pandemic. As many residents continue to be unemployed or working reduced hours, the ongoing financial pressures mean that about one-in-four APAH households have accumulated significant balances. APAH is the landlord to more than 4,000 low-income […]

Celebrating a Year of Inclusive Partnership

By Fredda Hurwitz, Board Member/Director, Strategic Marketing at Our Stomping Ground One-year anniversaries are traditionally celebrated with a paper-based gift. More recently, this important milestone has been reflected through the use of clocks. Given the rather extraordinary year we’ve all endured, we felt that marking this particular passage of time was an occasion we couldn’t […]

Eight Months of Responding to COVID-19

While many of us are susceptible to feeling isolated as we head into the colder, darker months still practicing social distancing, our community reminds us that we are not alone. APAH’s Resident Services team – through the work of so many community groups, partners, and volunteers – has been able to continue supporting residents. By […]

Empowering Families with Ready to Learn Gift Cards

This year, the APAH resident services team is supporting residents to get “back to school” by supplying $50 gift cards for each child in Kindergarten through 12th grade. Although at first some residents were wondering where all the backpacks were, they were very excited to learn that they would have VISA gift cards they could […]

APAH families prepare to learn in new ways!

In a typical August, APAH’s resident services team would be delivering backpacks full of supplies to residents and preparing to resume our popular children’s programming for the school year.  This year, we adapted our traditional programs to support parents and students as the school year starts with remote learning. To facilitate virtual learning and close […]

Rising Uncertainty for Residents

“I have never, ever missed a rent payment… until now.” Every passing week, more residents express increasing levels of uncertainty. Like the rest of the nation, when non-essential businesses were temporarily shut down, APAH residents were under the assumption their workplaces would only be closed for a few weeks and they’d have been asked to […]

Despite Physical Distance, Connections Deepen

“It’s hard to believe we have passed the 100-day mark since the great COVID-19 pivot,” reflected Caroline Jones, APAH’s resident services director. With all in-person programming, except AFAC food distributions, suspended, the Resident Services Team quickly set up new communication lines, mostly by phone, but also by text, and email, to stay connected to our […]

Mounting Resident Need

Disproportionately housebound and managing with insufficient resources, seniors at APAH properties are isolated with limited capacity to get what they need to stay physically and mentally healthy. Isolation, depression, and loneliness have disrupted the lives of residents as they are separated from their friends and family. While smartphones can be a lifeline for social connectivity, […]

Rent and the COVID Crisis: Finding the Win-Win

As calls for rent strikes echo across the country, APAH residents and staff are instead are collaborating toward a shared goal:  stable, affordable housing during and after the pandemic.  “We are in this together,” says APAH CEO Nina Janopaul. “We are doing everything in our power to support families and connect them to assistance. At […]