Fill a backpack for an APS student!

Thank you for your interest in APAH’s 2018 – 2019 backpack donation program. Each year we reach out to the community to ask for filled backpacks for APS students who call an APAH rental community home. Each year, generous donors like you respond to help us meet the need. There are more than 550 students at APAH properties. That’s a lot of backpacks!

How can you participate?

Early donors wanted for Barcroft Elementary School

Barcroft Elementary School begins their modified school year on Monday, August 6th. Two of our rental communities are home to Barcroft students. For these two properties, we are asking for filled backpacks to be delivered Monday, July 23rd. If you would like to support these students, please email Julie Booth.


Choose a grade level (K-12) and fill a backpack (or 2!). You are also invited to choose multiple grade levels. Want to do more? Gather friends, neighbors, co-workers, and others to adopt a grade level as a group and fill as many backpacks as you can, together.


Choose from one of 15 APAH communities (perhaps one located near your home or office?) and commit to filling a specific number of backpacks for kids at that location. We invite you to include notes or tags in the backpacks announcing your group as the donors. Larger groups can adopt a full community and commit to filling backpacks for all APS students living at that location.

Are you ready to fill a backpack, or do you have more questions? Please email Julie Booth, our Volunteer Program Manager (or call 571-800-6462).

Backpack supply lists:

K – 5th Grade Supply List (PDF)
6th – 8th Grade Supply List (PDF)
9th – 12th Grade Supply List (PDF)

Note: Thanks to generous donations made throughout the year, APAH has a ready supply of crayons, pencils, and pens to distribute to students, so these items are not needed at this time.