Community Impact

Rising property prices, spurred by high employment and rapid growth, have been reducing the number of affordable homes in our community.

The need for housing affordable to low-wage earners is well documented. And that is why APAH owns, develops and preserves quality rental communities for individuals and families earning approximately $20,000-$60,000 per year.

Founded in 1989 by four families who wanted to help meet the needs of low-wage earners in Arlington, today, more than 3,000 Arlingtonians live at an APAH property. Without APAH, more than 1,300 households who might otherwise not be able to afford to live in Arlington call our County home. The Affordable Housing Master Plan calls to double Arlington’s affordable housing over the next 25 years. Through an ambitious pipeline of new construction and preservation, APAH is adding to the supply every year.

APAH has built collaborative partnerships with other community nonprofits and Arlington County’s human services. We actively support Arlington County’s goals to end homelessness by providing permanent supportive housing.