Board of Directors

Board Chair

John Milliken; Senior Fellow in Residence, George Mason University School of Policy, Government and International Affairs

Vice Chair

Kevin Yam; Managing Director, Iron Point Partners


Nina Janopaul; Chief Executive Officer, APAH

Vice President

Robert Rozen; Principal, Washington Council Ernst & Young (retired)


Richard B. Anderson, Jr.; President and Chief Executive Officer, The National Capital Bank of Washington


Susan Ingraham Bell; Independent Planning Consultant


Yvone Aiken; APAH Resident
Matt Birenbaum; Avalon Bay Communities, Inc.
Cecilia Cassidy; Columbia Pike Revitalization Organization
George Covucci; Arnold & Porter LLP (retired)
Michael Geary; Geary O’Hara Foundation
Julie Gould: Mercy Loan Fund
Jay Harris: Harris Crystal Advisors
Alice Hogan; Social Worker
Paul Holland: Marstel-Day LLC
Rich Jordan; Potomac Investment Properties
Erica Khatchadourian: AFL-CIO Housing Investment Trust
Rev. Andrew Merrow; St. Mary’s Episcopal Church
Sara Morales; APAH Resident
Kathie Panfil; Independent Education Management Professional
Michael Spotts: Enterprise Community Partners

APAH Founders

Dolores Leckey

Thomas P. Leckey

Rhoda Nary

R. William Nary

Jack Sweeney

Jean Sweeney

Joe Wholey

Midge Wholey