David Clark

In 2007, David Clark lost his full-time job as a cook due to ill health. Although disability payments provided some income, the amount was no longer enough to afford rent and David became homeless.

For a time, he stayed with friends and acquaintances but eventually he became completely displaced and lived on the street. The Arlington Street People’s Network (A-SPAN) developed regular contact with David through their food distribution trucks and emergency shelter. Thanks to the connections built via these community services, A-SPAN was able to guide David into a detox program, into a shelter, and ultimately, in February 2013, into permanent supportive housing at APAH’s Marbella property. Today Marbella Apartments is home to “Ten Homes for Marbella,” a public/private partnership to provide housing to those who are most vulnerable in our community.

David now makes good use of APAH’s resident services programs, including a series of financial education programs taught by volunteers from the Virginia Cooperative Extension that help explain to residents how to set goals, save money and manage cash (toward savings, debt reduction, or a specific need).